The Adamic Life, Bankrupt of the Life Of God (Part 1)

And so it is written, The first man Adam was made a living soul; the last Adam was made a quickening spirit.

Although the first man God created was without sin, he was neither holy nor righteous. Man was in a neutral position, because he never had the life of God in him. However he could receive God’s life and become a spiritual person, sharing God’s nature, or he could develop his own created soulish life, making himself soulish, and thus put his spirit to death.

As beautiful as Adams dominion looked he didn’t have the life of God, suprising isn’t?? So what is this life of God that Adam never possessed. Man became a living soul when God breathed into him the breath of life however this life though comes from God in essence shouldn’t be confused with the very life of God. The spirit which came from the breath of life and the Holy Spirit of God are two different things.

The word “life ” in the expression the breath of life is chay which is plural in number. This tells us that God’s breathing produces two lives, a spiritual one and a soulish one. This means that when God’s breath of life entered the human body which was made of dust, it became the spirit. At the same time, when his spirit came in contact with the body, it produced the soul. Therefore this is actually the source of the two lives, the spiritual life and the soulish life, within us.

But we should make a distinction here; this spirit is not the life of God himself; it is merely “the breath of the Almighty which hath given me life as Job exclaimed in Job 33:4. It is not the entrance of the uncreated life of God into man. The spirit that was received in the beginning is not the life of God that we received at the time of our regeneration. Don’t get me wrong here, though man was created in God’s image that image wasn’t necessarily God’s life, God is spirit and God created man in His image also as a spirit. The life which we received at the time of our regeneration is the life of God Himself, it is the life which was represented by the tree of life, which was probably intended to make physical death impossible another mystery to unravel though.

But note, the spirit of man is eternal, that is it doesn’t die, as God too is but the spirit does not have eternal life, as was with Adam in the beginning. When the spirit caused the body to come alive, man became a living soul, a living person with his own consciousness. When the spirit is in the body, something organic is produced, this something that is organic is called the soul. So both the spirit and the body are incorporated into the soul.

However before the first Adam fell, his spirit and his flesh were of course not in conflict with each other daily as it is with us today. Before a man is regenerated, his spirit is isolated from the life of God. It is only after he is regenerated that God’s life and the Holyspirit begin to live in his spirit and enliven it to become the instrument of the Holyspirit.

Now in the garden was the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, this was the fruit that uplifts man’s soul and dampens man’s spirit. The knowledge of good and evil constitutes the work of the soul in this world. God forbade man to eat of this fruit, not only for the purpose of testing man, but because He knew that within man was the spiritual life and the soulish life, and that if man were to eat of this fruit, his soulish life would develop, and his spiritual life would die. This means that he would lose the knowledge of God and would die to God, and that’s exactly what happened.

So in the next chapter we would look at the effect of eating of the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

Here were two trees.

a) One to develop the spiritual life.

b) Another to develop the soulish life.

Stay tuned……………………………..💯

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