Word In Season

Word In Season

I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, that ye stir not up, nor awake my love, until he please.

The sexuality in us is a life force seeking expression- is an energy, therefore we can do all we can in an attempt to find love but our quest for love will prove futile save we asked the Creator Himself.

He is the originator and He Has the inside information.

Always remember this; A house and self sufficiency are a Fathers inheritance, but from the Lord comes an insightful wife.

If every good and perfect gift comes from above, then unless the Lord gives you a wife, you cannot possess one because He that findeth a wife findeth a good thing and obtain’s favor from the Lord.

We can find but the Lord has to give you the key for possessing, the issue now is whether we will trust God with the provision of our marriage partner or whether we will view finding a spouse as a competitive market, in which we depend on our own strength.

Do we truly believe Psalm 84:11……. no good thing will he withhold from them that walk uprightly.

Hold you peace, God’s sovereign will makes no mistakes for He knows better who is ideal for us.


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