GloKennies Foundation, The Inside Story

It has been said that no story begins on a high note, such has been the story of a humble young man who decided to take it upon himself to change the course of history in the borders of West Africa in the south coast of Ghana.

His dream in seeing education reaching to the less privileged in the society stems out of a passion he has for the needy.

Having started his basic and junior high school education in the Central Region of Ghana, he rose through the ranks as he gained admission to St Augustine’s College where he offered General Science and through to the tertiary where he pursued a Bachelors degree in Actuarial Science at the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science And Technology.

Mr. Kenneth Yeboah as his name goes has set a fire that cannot be quenched and the foundation’s future is set to cause a stir in the educational sector.

Founder, Mr. Kenneth Yeboah.

From very humble beginnings all was set for the dawn of a new change and a foundation was to be laid for future generations to follow.

A foundation indeed was laid and on the 27th December, 2017, GloKennies Foundation was birth.

The foundation’s motto of acquiring knowledge for excellence and betterment of society aligns with it core mandate and vision of being the top provider of quality training interventions for school going children and the youth in highly deprived communities.

Again the provision of secular knowledge coupled with set standards of moral values seeks to mold the young ones into responsible citizens building a community of service and a nation of character.

Indeed, the fast growing population in Ghana and the world at large limits the quality of education that can be provided especially in developing countries like Ghana. GloKennies Foundation being tagged as a non-governmental organization has set it gaze by offering volitional teaching services to deprived communities in Ghana.

Now, as to how GloKennies Foundation started or better still the inside story of GloKennies Foundation, it goes beyond what we just see around, however this article seeks to provide us with a little background information on the Foundation.

As established earlier, the founder’s desire to help people at a tender age caused a stir to birth the foundation, and in his second year in the University, his passion to do something for the society came to light as the thought of a foundation was actualized. However, looking at his interests, he decided to move the foundation in the direction of education thus the reason why GloKennies Foundation is aligned to the field of education.

Why the name GloKennies is another interesting puzzle to unravel, however counting from a lot of deliberations, the now Vice President of the Foundation in the person of Miss Nora Irene Ghartey suggested the name Kennies in the earlier days when GloKennies Foundation was yet to operate.

The name Glo was added not long ago when the foundation decided to enlarge its borders beyond Africa. As a registered non- profit organization the foundation is set to make heights in the field of education over the globe.

Considering it has been almost a year and half since GloKennies Foundation was formed, the sails it has made sends a clear signal to the inhabitants of Ghana and the world at large of what a force it is going to be to reckon with in the education sector. With 2019 underway GloKennies Foundation is a must follow for all.

The next few paragraphs aims to show you some of the foundations few programs and activities organized in the past year.

Free Tuition For Students In Abura, a suburb in the Cental Region Of Ghana.

Student Being Assessed On An Examination Set By GloKennies Foundation.

Parents coming From Afar to Register their Wards For Free Tuition, in The Central Region Of Ghana.

GloKennies Foundation Donates Free Exercises Books To Less Privileged Pupils.

GloKennies Foundation visits Meduma J.H.S in the Ashanti Region Of Ghana

GloKennies Foundation team meets entourage at Kings Palace Of Meduma.

Students At Meduma Receiving Tuition

GloKennies Foundation donates free exercises books On Outreach To Meduma J. H.S in the Ashanti Region Of Ghana.

Founder meets Hon. Barbara Asher Ayisi, Deputy Minister Of Education.

These are just but a few short of the gallery which gives us a fair idea of what the Foundation is up to.

Indeed, GloKennies Foundation has come a long way and when asked about His greatest source of motivation, the Founder Of GloKennies Foundation and the CEO Of GloKennies Group Of Companies, Mr. Kenneth Yeboah revealed his greatest source of motivation to be the people that he is working with.

According to him, that has been a great asset and a major contributing factor to where the foundation stands as at now. Notwithstanding, considering the foundation is an NGO and is funded internally, with most members being students, one challenge which was identified had to do with the Foundation’s finances.

This according to an interview granted by the Founder was the only challenge nevertheless he was very confident of this very thing, that He who caused this vision to be birth is also able to provide. Also considering the increasing number of participation, communication with most members wasn’t very strong as meeting everybody was not always feasible.

Alas, coming to the end of the inside story, the Founder in an interview had these words to say to all followers and the world out there. When asked about where to expect GloKennies Foundation in the years to come;

His response was precise and revealed his passion for this vision. These were his words; “GloKennies Foundation in the coming years has a much brighter future than we see now, all is set for greater exploits and service to humanity is what GloKennies Foundation seeks to achieve in greater measure.”

Indeed, those words sums up the zeal and tenacity of a young man seeking to bring light into the society.

Yes! we can do all we can and achieve all we want in this life, but a truly fulfilled life is a life for people, to make them better and relevant to their societies and that is what GloKennies Foundation seeks to achieve.

We can’t say more, Keep on supporting GloKennies Foundation even as it embarks in this worthy cause to change the destinies of school going children and the world at large. The doors of the foundation are opened to all and sundry; you can be a partner today so together we give back to the society.

Let hope Arise; we are world changers.✊🏻

You can also follow GloKennies Foundation on Facebook. 🇬🇭©️

You can also contact GloKennies foundation on;

+233 249 864 157/ +233 504 238 637

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