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He affirms our service

Read and be blessed, knowing this that your labour in the Lord will never go in vain.

Grace Over Pain

We all know it’s good to serve. In fact, we’ve been saved to serve. But truth be told, service can be a little bit discouraging when we are giving our all and no one seems to even acknowledge our effort. Inasmuch as we do not do things for people to affirm us, but receiving a thank you or ‘well done’ does not hurt. It shows that we are being acknowledge and appreciated and it gives us the fuel to do more. I am by no means saying we should do things for others to thank us. I’m just saying that just as Jesus Christ was disappointed with the fact that the other 9 lepers didn’t even acknowledge their healer, so also it can be for us when we feel unappreciated.

You might be sacrificing your time in church and sometimes feel like giving up because of lack…

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