How To Improve Your Life In 24 hours

Life has three basic pleasures;

1. Creativity

2. Progress

3. Completion

Giving attention to ourselves especially for those at a very young age is vital since nobody is thinking about you all day, as hard as this may seem to us.

Again, let us remember our personal importance not putting all of our investments in others as good as that is. Life is a collection of goals and success is an experience.

Today is a divine investment in you, and today is a seed for tomorrow. Here are some few principles you can take to improve your life in 24 hours.

1. Identify the dominant goal of your day; Here do not try to live the future today. It is very important you learn how to celebrate a day because you are responsible for your pleasure. Dragging the past into today is damaging to your progress in anything you are involved in.

2. View today as an investment of preparation for tomorrow; something you are doing today will birth favorable changes in your future. Today is a seed, is an investment.

3. Name the theme of the day; this narrows your focus, enabling you to unclutter your mind. This is to say you can’t make a Tuesday decision in a Wednesday manner.

4. Prophesy your day; Here we are to note that a thought is not a declaration, neither is worry prayer. Everyday has to be your servant not vice versa and you can do this only with your mouth (tell your day what would happen).

5. Intercede for three people; This is coming in agreement with God to intervene in someone’s life. You can do this anytime while even going about your normal activities in the day, this is one way to redeem the time knowing the days are evil.

6. Accept the humanity in others; Understand that you never get delivered from your humanity, is what keeps us humble before the Lord. Again this human part is what keeps us connected to God, thus don’t become so much distressed about your weaknesses. When you realize how hard it is to change yourself it gives you great compassion towards other people.

7. Decide to forgive everybody; it takes the load off you.

8. Standardize parts of your day; Here I mean do certain things at the same time, everyday.

9. Identify three things that would inspire you that day.

10. Journal three good things that happen that day: this unlocks a gratitude.

11. Memorize one scripture a day; it renews your mind.

12. Excel in love; for whosoever excels in love also excels in life.

13. Decide to sow and lavish favour into your environment; Here take advantage to do good to all men, especially to the family of believers whenever the opportunity presents itself.

14. Invest seven minutes in the secret place. Here you can do these three things;

a) Sing– This dispels darkness.

b) Be thankful to God; express verbal thanks.

c) Ask for wisdom in your decision.

15. Meditate on one topic a day; here choose a subject a day for your mind to focus on.

16. Decide to be a reacher for one day; do not wait for someone to call you, call them.

17. Limit your focus to your own territorial assignment.

18. Rest; it is the seed for hope, it is the seed for change. Fatigue birth bad decisions, however rest is a healer and a restorer.

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