…Is indeed trodden upon by few

This path isn’t travelled by many because only a few find it

And with the few, only a few are willing to stay on it

The road to being great isn’t an easy one

The path isn’t used by those without a resolve and the wit to move on no matter what

It takes those with a desire and a hunger stronger than their struggles and pain to tread these grounds

This path isn’t welcoming to the complacent nor appealing to the lackadaisical

But to the persistent, an adventure that never ceases to amaze

Because at the end of the pain, there will surely be a gain

The path of greatness, doesn’t afford the luxury of favoritism

It isn’t a respect or of persons but treats everyone with equality

It is not a path selected for a few, or for the “chosen ones”

It’s for all who are ready to pay the price and those who dare to live an exceptional life

Those who desire to stand out amongst their fellows

Those who want to leave an indelible mark in this world

The path of greatness

…Is indeed trodden upon by a few


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