Prioritize The Word; Is life

As I sat in a taxi heading towards home; I sat enjoying and listening to the word of God from a man of God which played from a radio station in the taxi. I was enjoying it when suddenly the driver chuckled and changed the station.

It seemed he wasn’t enjoying it as I was but I said to myself, only if he knew the gift of God and how blessed it was to hear the word of God.

For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh.

I sat and smiled; and decided to write this piece, Perhaps we may have heard this before but we can’t overemphasize the word of God. Is all we have and if God gave us his word, He actually gave us His very self.

Because the word is God

This is a call to prioritize the word above all other things; may we always understand this and pray this prayer as the Psalmist rightly put it in Psalm 119:18(KJV).

Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.

Treasures don’t lie at the surface and there are glories you can’t hit in the word if you don’t prioritize it by spending quality time in it. I end this piece with words from a brother in the faith who has been a teacher, an inspiration and a great blessing to me;

Hear his words;

I can’t overemphasize the blessedness of studying the word of God

How sweet and Precious His Word is, better than honey, wine and milk

Engrossing your head into the scrolls will enlighten you and put fire in your heart and make your word’s fiery

It will renew your mind and make you thoroughly furnished unto every good work

Skimming through the word has some profit but is not the place where our eyes are illumined by the beauty of His glory

Study and Study and study! There are no shortcuts; no easy roads and smooth sailings!

Decide, focus and study!

I have not attained and so have you not

Shalom ✍🏻

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