My KNUST Experience: The Faithful God (Part 1)

Wow; let’s do this; in this series I will attempt to tell you a little bit of myself and what ensued while I was in the tertiary specifically the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology in Ghana West Africa.

This article is quite different from other ones because is unique in its style, as I attempt to be more personal something I hardly do but all is to testify about the grace of God and how faithful He is.

So I welcome you to my blog and also to this four parts series, is a privilege to take you through a bit of my life on campus KNUST. Those of you who don’t know me; am bro George; that rings a bell doesn’t it??that’s a little picture of me up there: Anyway let’s get going, the picture even suggests that; a journey indeed it will be, that was just by the way though😊

Upon admission to the Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology to pursue a degree course in Biochemistry, the stage was set for a four year journey. It was God who had brought me; and faithful was He considering the circumstances that I had faced both at home and in my Senior High School experiences.

Things couldn’t have been any better if not for the Lord who was on my side. I remember receiving a text on my phone confirming my admission. Initially, after I had read Science; I decided to divert to read Law in the tertiary. However, this was not meant to be so; but in all God had a wonderful plan.

One scripture I got to love from outgone editor of Pensa KNUST; editor Naa Adorkor Lomotey was Psalm 18:30; that scripture had been on her about (a feature on WhatsApp) for sometime and as curious as I was I decided to check it out for myself and this is what I saw;

As for God, his way is perfect: the word of the LORD is tried: he is a buckler to all those that trust in him (Psalm 18:30 KJV).

Sometimes is good to roam to and fro, you know!😊

God’s ways are indeed perfect; at this point in time as a first year student I didn’t know what was in store for me. The first year life is quite an interesting life as you don’t know a lot in and around the University.

Yes! I mentioned PENSA, this is a church denomination for all students who are members of the church of the Pentecost and after I had gained admission in my first year I became part of PENSA that is Pentecost Students And Associates. This is another wonderful family I came to join and My KNUST Experience wouldn’t be complete without PENSA. I will tell you more about them as the series goes on.

So moving on; I was affiliated to Queen Elizabeth II Hall; one out of six traditional halls in the institution. Nothing is more awesome in first year than staying in the hall and experiencing campus life. In Room 184 East-wing, I met wonderful friends who became my roommates but that bond grew and we became as brothers only after some few weeks.

It is amazing how I encountered these guys, though I knew one already from home, the other two were Accra based and my God I couldn’t ask anything more of roommates than what I saw in these guys. May I say that nothing is a coincidence; even your room and the people you meet is not by mistake; God has a hand in them and for me I can confidently tell you that the steps of the righteous man is indeed ordered by the Lord.

Though God decided to crush my law dream, I knew it was for the best because even there I had quite some mixed feelings about it, so somehow I just knew it wasn’t my path. God had other plans for me and I was ready to follow Him. Back to my room; arguments were the norm and after arguing about the controversy of one Ghanaian Pastor; whose name I am withholding; more were to come. Playing computer games was one of the trademark as FIFA was a norm for us in our leisure times.

Herh! it came with prizes too oo!. We use to buy “Fan-ice and bread with fried egg” for the winner and the loser had to wash bowls and face the wrath of teasing. Funny isn’t?? I managed to escape this package for some time but I fell victim to this system as I was in the last position sometime.

I usually had my way, probably behind Derrick who I must say was better than I was but for the rest of the two; they were just but as peanuts🤭 I hope I don’t get into trouble for saying this; but the truth must be told. With two PENSA students in the room; a Presbyterian and an Apostilic member; the room was “hoiligolistic” as God was the center.

Lectures started after sometime and I was introduced to another family the “Biochem family.” Lectures such as F.O Mensah and the like made life at Biochemistry fascinating indeed. Her walk word was a nine letter word and ask any Biochemistry student in KNUST you should get the answer in some few seconds not withstanding. I-N-T-E-G-R-I-T-Y was the word. She always stressed on why you should maintain your integrity at all times especially as a student and upon my few encounters with her; one had no excuse but to go by her philosophy.

So during my first day in class we decided to vote for a class prefect; certainly I didn’t stand but interestingly i didn’t vote too; whoever it was going to be didn’t really matter to me. It turned out to be a gentleman who goes by the name Judah and he was one of the best class prefect’s we ever had. So lectures began and continued but on one occasion, I missed a lecture because I didn’t know the time had been changed, you know! I was using a “yam” by then.

Here I mean my phone wasn’t the type that could give me access to information on my class WhatsApp page. That’s how best I can say it😊 I thank God I passed from death to life; in this case from a yam to an IPhone and how I got that IPhone; I will tell you as the series progresses. Haha, it was God at work all the same, anyway am not saying getting an IPhone is life in essence; that’s just by the way so don’t get me wrong.

So after I missed that class, I thought that was the end of my life; Herh my heart was disturbed and I was worried. Normally in the first year, everybody in the University is a serious student but as time moves on the men are separated from the boys. You had to really go early to have a good seat; although personally sitting in front wasn’t my usual habit.

Coming to the end, my first year life was all about God’s Faithfulness, He was in the center of things; the first time I left campus to Accra as a first year student was to attend a church program organized by Christ Embassy; it was a night of bliss and though I had just come to school I felt I had to go, the lucky thing for me was that we went with an organized bus so it wasn’t much of a problem.

I must say I was blessed to have been there, I think I still have my note book where I wrote down some few things. It was way back in 2015 but I can vividly remember Ps. Chris Oyakhilome say; Satan is a bully don’t let him bully you and I guess he was right. Bible actually tells us that the day most of us see the devil we would be astonished and say is this the man; this is what God revealed to Prophet Isaiah.

They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms (Isaiah 14:16 KJV).

So apparently, first year ended with me taking up a leadership position in the church on campus where I fellowshipped. Something I wanted to avoid especially because I had just come to school. All the same God had a plan and I was to follow. Following this; dawn meetings and church services became a routine for me; I had to be there. Of course, we don’t go to church just as a routine but leadership at every and any level comes with greater responsibility.

In the church, I was exposed to so many leaders and I must say PENSA went a long way in shaping my life not just spiritually but socially and in every other aspect. So gradually I was closing the chapter in on my first year experience, and as it drew to a close, the search for a hostel had us move to the SRC hostel (Students Representative Council Hostel). That was the custom in the school, after first year you had to move out of the hall and my KNUST experience was going to continue in my new hostel.

I cannot end my experience without a talk about my academic life because that’s one basic reason why we came to school. Well, normally in first year, any other thing apart from getting a First Class seems like a failure. Ok so here was my case; I wasn’t so obsessed about first class but it appealed to me when I thought of it.

Guys; in the tertiary hard work in your studies cannot be ignored and I really did so in my first year but then again, the place of prayer too cannot be ignored since that brings God into the picture no matter how things turn out to be. Let me say this;

If you pray and have been praying; there is no need to worry because even if things don’t turn out as expected; God works everything out in accordance to His will for your life (That’s what prayer does).

So in my case I started with a grade just below first class, probably I needed to push more but in those results I saw not just the fruits of my labour but I saw the mighty hand of the Lord in them and God had just begun with Me.

This is it; God was faithful not because I was so good but He was and if it was He who had made a way for me to enter into the university; He was sure going to keep His covenant no matter how things were going to turn out.


To be continued ✍🏻

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