My KNUST Experience: The Journey (Part 2)

So here was 2nd year in KNUST: whoosh; first year was over. The freshers life was gone; and in 2nd year, more things were in store for me.

My second year begun with a struggle to get a room at SRC hostel. In fact, the first day was hell; we had to join and follow a long queue before we had our room keys but luckily for us that route was cut short as my senior brother was by then a Student Representative Council (SRC) executive so things were made easier.

On arrival to our room; we were initially two; our other roommate joined later, that made us three so we waited for our last roommate. Initially, the four of us who were in Queens Hall all decided to come to the same hostel and room to continue our brotherhood but that was not meant to be so as Derrick who was the last roommate left to a different hostel and decided not to join us. Through out the series Derrick’s name has popped up than any of my other roommate; not for any reason though but maybe because he left us earlier, so probably I miss him more.

Anyway the names of the other two were Ofori and Kenneth. That’s how I used to call them; off course that’s not exactly their full names. So in the long run those were the two I was going to stay with, initially only Derrick offered a different course among us; we all pursued programs in the Sciences; I already said I pursued a course in biochemistry and Derrick happened to be a business student, the other two pursued courses In Optometry and Actuarial Science respectively.

So after Derrick had left we felt a void, though we used to visit each other because we were still in the same institution, it wasn’t like then when we were together in the same room and I knew I would really miss him but we had to live like that; life had to go on and we wouldn’t always be seeing each other; that is the reality of life. It is for this reason;

I advise people to be the best in their moments, because moments come and go.

So Derrick left but who was God bringing to fill the void; remember I had already said in the first series that nothing in the life of a believer is by chance, and even your roommates. God brings people your way so you could learn from them and also contribute to their lives and apparently when this new roommate came in, he told us he had been praying to God fervently about his roommates. Apparently, he was in his final year and said he wanted cool guys to be with.

I don’t know his definition of cool but am sure he meant roommates who would live at peace with Him and certainly we were those kind of guys. The Vice President of Builders Christian Fellowship (BCF) and an active member of Campus Christian Family (CCF), Mr. Desmond Ajaison was this fourth roommate and God had brought him for a reason. Each and everyone in the room was unique and I began to learn from all of them.

Desmond was an awesome person; this guy’s locker was full of Christian literature; He was an ardent reader and literally a photocopy of Dr. Myles Munroe. I don’t think anyone had studied Him more than he did and his words were full of wisdom; both as a student and a Christian leader he was exceptional. He indeed formed part of my second year journey.

So in 2nd year I had taken a position as the organizer of editorial committee and I was also a bible Study Coordinator in my hall all under the church in PENSA. When I sat down to contemplate I couldn’t really pinpoint why whoever suggested me thought so but nevertheless God and I always knew that had it been by my might I was no where fit for the task. I remember asking God why he chose me as an Assistant Overseer in the subsequent year; and His answer didn’t surprise me but I didn’t expect that answer;

God told me, apparently I was the weakest among all my colleagues that is why He chose me.

I will tell you more about that in the next part. But It was true and in my 2nd year in KNUST, I understood that indeed God chooses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise and that He chooses the weak things of this world to confound them that are mighty and since that time I saw the need why we should also pray for our leaders;

Because these leaders regardless of how anointed they may be are also flesh and blood, prone to mistakes just like all men.

Moving on and entering into 2nd year, I had shot up in my academics, an improvement from 1st year but after 2nd year things changed a bit as I began to decline, probably I needed to put in more effort but all the same Biochemistry wasn’t an easy program too but I believe as a student I did my best and certainly God was in my academics.

For the Christian, the academic life shouldn’t be separate from the actual Christian life; is all one life and in that we give glory to God. Is not only the academic life; everything we do should have an expression of the light of Christ. So for students I can tell you this;

Your academic life can preach Christ to others; so it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

One thing I never liked or wanted to hear was failing a course; I never did though because God was faithful; and there was a group I normally used to join during exams to pray. it was under the church; “Cover my back” and I was blessed attending it; I didn’t take exams very lightly because it really mattered in school and your parents also needed to see good grades. For KNUST, mid semesters and examinations are very crucial and important times for students; students hardly sleep during such times.

Normally, I was the type who liked to learn especially when the time drew nearer to exams or if we were aware of quizzes, probably because I wasn’t a bookworm when it came to Biochemistry, notwithstanding that was not a really good habit. In 2nd year I was learning but later I realized my results were not becoming any better even though I had increased my learning hours so I decided to specifically seek the face of God concerning my academics entering into 3rd year.

God spoke and He told me what to do; it was awesome but it wasn’t going to be easy for me because I had never done that before. What did I do?? Did I listen to God or I did not listen; that was part of my third year faith life too; Would tell you more of that in Part 3 of this series.

Anyway so moving on to my welfare, I guess i didn’t tell you in first year I was the best cook in my room; Yes oo! we needed to cook and my oh my, in first year I use to do awesome. We use to cook stew; preparing soup and frying chicken were some of the delicacies on our menu and considering we were all guys it was very interesting then.

We continued that in 2nd year, off course we didn’t just eat them raw; mostly we cooked rice and sometimes yam to accompany it. You know in school if you are not cooking you would be spending a lot of money and if you didn’t have that much you had to cook and thank God we had a fridge; this fridge proved very key in our survival for most part of the year.

Personally, the source of income that came for me was sometimes from mummy; and mostly my Aunty sent me some money at the end of every month. I guess it was ok; I was given Ghc200 cedis every month and was grateful to God since I was able to manage and it sufficed. Compared to what others were going through on campus I had no excuse and personally I knew what others were going through since I was a leader and was in touch with some of these students who were just dropped in school by their parents and for how to live out their lives it was just up to them and it was going to be a survival of the fittest.

So in all these I learnt the secret to be content; in whatsoever state I was; Apostle Paul rightly put it in Philippians 4:19

But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus (KJV).

I wouldn’t say there were no challenges, off course there were and there were difficult times but I say to the glory of God that I never slept on an empty stomach, luckily for me, my senior brother too was around by then so once a while he came to my aid.

So here I was, second year was about ending but wait! we had moved from four in the room to six in the room, what happened?? It wasn’t easy at all; apparently two new boys had come to join us. Daniel and Rexford, in KNUST we call such an experience perching and it was quite a popular terminology.

Daniel had now come to first year and since he reported late to school he wasn’t given a Hall but luckily for him he was related to Desmond who was our roommate thus we gave him a space to stay in our room. Rexford joined later after Daniel, he was also still in search for a hostel and solicited help from Kenneth who was my roommate and because they were course mates he also consented to it.

Of course two new members joining us in the room came with it’s own challenges; talk of managing space in the room and comfortability was also on the low, they also came with their own demeanor and character but in all it was a new experience and we relished the opportunity to live with them for some part of the semester and personally I really got attached to them; they joined the brotherhood.

So finally my 2nd year experience gradually ended but it was not until I met this lady who caught my attention and interrupted my journey. I wouldn’t say interrupt per say, I think added to it is a better word, so here I mean I had this very soft spot for this lady and I really got fond of her. Personally I have come to believe that;

Every man created by God has a soft spot for a particular woman.

I saw this somewhere and I think is true, because I can personally relate to it, I don’t know for you?? especially the guys.

Actually, in my second year I was exposed to more ladies than in my first year and it was a good opportunity for me to learn some few details about women but that didn’t also call for complacency either, either ways you had to know your boundaries. So this lady I met played a part in my love trap experience; actually 80% of that story was related to my experience with her. Anyway, let’s move on; you can read more on that on my blog; Caught in the love trap;

Ok so staying there a little; I took those desires too to the Lord and my oh my; I never imagined God would be so interested in this. But to my surprise He was and He spoke to me about her;

So I got to understand here that we can bring whatever desires we have and lay it before God; He is really interested; you have no idea.

Wow! I think I have said a lot already, so let’s end here. In the next series I would tell you what God told me exactly about this lady, anyway I found this lady in the church too; so you can imagine. I will also continue my 3rd year experience which I call a faith life; It was my wilderness experience; the toughest and most challenging of times in my KNUST stay.

Watch out for Part 3✍🏻

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