The Beauty Of Life

When all that moves us is a desire to acquire more; know more: be happier more and live in contentment with our family and friends; we have missed it and are far from what it means to live a life of success.

Indeed a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of things that he possesses or owns. I remember trying to put up this article in a bus; not long ago, on my way to a friend’s daddy’s funeral. I like writing during long journeys; gives you more to think about. Here you are reading the product of an article from a bus, anyway that was just by the way, let’s move on.

I don’t have a lot to say in this piece; because is one of those pieces I believe I wrote out of the little I have been learning in life as young as I am. Haha, Yes! I believe I am young, others may bet to differ; but I believe being in your early twenties is quite good to put you in that category isn’t??

Anyway, that is a topic for discussion on another day, not my purpose for now so let’s move on. The desire for success and fulfillment in this life is at the heart of every one both young and old and this is perfectly natural and normal.

But I found out that our greatest fulfillment comes when others are blessed because of us.

Among all you can achieve and amidst all you can be there is a beauty of life that comes not when you are happy only but how others can be happy when you are around them.

It may be a smile; it can be an encouragement, just a compliment, a reaction towards an issue, it may be your money or any help you can give. But whatever it may be, learn to share; learn to love and to love even the unlovable.

We are not required to understand people always but we are required to love them as Jesus would love them. Life is not all about us otherwise God wouldn’t put us in a world. We are here to share; to help and show others the way by our lives.

That is the beauty of life;

When your life can give life to others and not just you; you have succeeded with your life. Learn, work hard and seek to be significant in this life with whatever God has given you, not just because you want to but because there is a world out there that needs you. I don’t always write because I want to but I believe my writings can bless a life and if it is just one person; I am fulfilled.

And this is how it starts; take a step and bless a life; The world out there is full of people whose love tank is virtually empty. It doesn’t take much to bless a life, or change a life. The little you have is enough, to add some volume of love to a life.

Remember, the whole of creation groaneth and travaileth in pain until now, waiting in anticipation for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19, 22).

Is time, let your light shine.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty Of Life

  1. David

    God bless you so much Over George.
    I’ve been blessed a lot from this post. May God keep using you as an instrument of Change to Generations
    From: Dave


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