Diaries At Amanfrom; It was a village crusade

There are so many untold stories, of how the devil fought people who embarked on trips to far away places to preach the gospel. So at a very tender age my idea of village crusade was war, with the devil and with his cohorts.

I heard so many of such stories and about how these strongholds in these villages wouldn’t tolerate any attempt to bring the gospel.

Well, as to whatever happened and whether those stories are true or not, going on a village crusade require some sort of preparation; spiritually, physically, mentally and off- course financially too. So either ways you had to prepare.

It was a vacation and students were preparing to go home, however these long vacations gave opportunity to the church on campus to go on various outreaches and in KNUST where I completed, most groups embarked on such journeys.

Personally, the decision to go for this village crusade was a tough decision for me to make. Deciding to put my project work “write up” on hold while my colleagues were working back in school was a very huge risk to take.

Notwithstanding, it was my last opportunity to attend a village crusade in school since I was in final year; so I took a step of faith; I call it crazy but I just had this inner witness giving me a good omen about this decision.

So the long and short of the matter is that I made it and oh boy! I was blessed. My project work is now a thing of the past; and yes! God was more than faithful. That’s God, He is like that.

The great commission was not given to just a particular group of people. Jesus had all of us in mind when he said;

Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned (Mark 16:15-16 KJV).

So this is what exactly happened; by God’s grace, souls were won, Jesus was glorified and heaven rejoiced. So in this blog, I will attempt to introduce you to the crew that made all that happen.

They are wonderful people, and it was amazing meeting all of them. Okay so here is the list of the crew below; I listed them first with their full names, because personally I don’t want to forget any of them.

Profile Of Amanfrom Militants

Commmandants. : Gideon Gidimatu and Emmanuel Keku

Kitchendants : Sarah Ekua Addo and Celestina Adu

Militants : Priscilla Atuahene, Robert Acquaah Matey, Darko Felix, Angela Oppong kwarteng, Joshua Ofori, Caleb Fosu, Abena Adebi Afrifa, Gabriel Preson, Ewura Abena Cooker, Elder Francis Amihere and myself.

So we are fifteen in number; literally the commandants were those who led us through every step and each day, they were ultimately the leaders on the grounds.

The kitchendants as the name goes were responsible for everything kitchen; they fed us through all the way. Perhaps I loved that aspect the more, anyway just kidding.

Once a while we also had our pastor visiting. In school we called them T. S (Traveling Secretaries). So for a week we had to live together to achieve the common goal of

preaching the gospel and winning souls for the Lord.

The people of Amanfrom were very welcoming and kind too but the major problem in this village was drinking, the indigenes drank a lot of alcohol and early parenting was another major problem seen.

Scenes And Crew At Amanfrom

On Arrival At Amanfrom; at the Chief’s House.
Meet our two commandants; Gideon and Emmanuel.
Meet Celestina and Sarah, our wonderful kitchendants.
This is Gabriel; we used to called him Gabby.
Our last day at the grounds; meet Robert and Priscilla.
Meet Felix, coming back after a dawn broadcast.
Meet Ewurabena and Caleb; we use to call him El-kateco.
Meet Elder Francis and Angela.
Meet Rebecca (on the right) with one of the indigenes At Amanfrom.
Meet Adebi, together with Gabby, the two best friends on the grounds.
Evening Service with the people of Amanfrom.
This was a moment after our last service with the indigenes of Amanfrom.
Meet Joshua; myself, Caleb and one Amanfrom indigene.
Joshua, Rebecca and the rest of the crew taking school children through some lessons.
In and out of Amanfrom; spending time together.
So this pic includes myself, Elder Francis and our two commandants.
A picture with the school children at Amanfrom.
The Whole Crew that made it happen at Amanfrom together with our Pastor.

Alright so these are some few pictures attempting to explain our moments at Amanfrom. I just hope I left no one out though. By God’s grace everything was a success and we certainly left the village with a light that the people could look up to.

Jesus the light and the love of God.

I end by reiterating the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:14 “that this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”

The honors therefore lies on us to Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature to save the lost and redeem them who through fear of death have all their lifetime subject to bondage.

Because now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.


2 thoughts on “Diaries At Amanfrom; It was a village crusade

  1. I’m glad you took the chance to be part of this team. I like the photos too. It’s hard to go on some of these village crusades when you’re out of school. I’m sure you wouldn’t forget the experience and the people who embarked on this journey with you.

    Thanks for sharing.

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