Don’t Miss The Reality; the substance is Christ

It is both interesting and instructive to observe that the Prophets of Israel who spoke of Christ, looked forward with great anticipation and to the fulfillment of their prophecies.

Yet the generation in which the prophecy was fulfilled, despised it, rejected it, and hung it on the cross. They venerated Abraham, Moses and David. Yet despised the substance of their prophecies. Abraham was a wealthy man. David was a fiery warrior. Moses was a man of power.

Jesus didn’t have Abraham’s wealth. Neither did He lift a sword like David. Arguably, He didn’t even do the kind of mind-boggling miracles Moses did. Imagine feeding about three million people for forty years!!!

He was too “ordinary” to be the kind of Messiah they were looking forward to.

Interestingly, If it really came to it, Abraham would have given up his wealth for Jesus. David would have given up his victories and would have chosen the life of a lowly shepherd.

And the writer of Hebrews tells us that Moses esteemed the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. But not so for these folks. They were expecting something very spectacular.

In this they missed the greatest miracle ever seen in human history: God becoming a man. What could have been more spectacular than that?

They saw him eat, drink, sleep, get tired, get shoved, etc, and they thought… surely this couldn’t be God. This couldn’t be the same God of Moses. This couldn’t be the same God of David.

Alas, it was He and pondering over this, I can’t help but think.

How often do we miss the divine because it came ordinary? How often do we despise and reject that which came as answers to our prayers because it didn’t look appealing?

How often have we missed men equipped for our profiting because they didn’t have the swag and the carriage we were expecting.

How often do we miss that inward witness because we are looking for an audible voice? How often have we been nudged, but we dismissed it? It is in my heart to admonish you today, to remember

“that the ways of God don’t always come with the drums and the trumpets.”

It often lacks the carriage we are expecting. Learn to see the divine in the seemingly ordinary.

Set your heart to this. Many times it’s not in the splitting of the rock or in the fire. It’s in the still small voice. The supernatural isn’t always spectacular.

The End✍🏻

9 thoughts on “Don’t Miss The Reality; the substance is Christ

  1. Thanks Bro George! This is a great reminder. We can miss out on things if we don’t open our hearts to God’s will. He may do things differently from what we expected. ✝️

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