How To Meet God When You Read Your Bible

For many, bible reading is just one of those things you must do as a believer. Many see it as a ritual, others too have no delight for in-depth studies.

This can’t be good because the life of the born again is in the word and where the written word is not diligently sought after, meeting the living word in the person of Jesus becomes a difficulty.

God is not separate from His Word. Whatever He is, the word also is and whatever He can do, the Word also can do.

However, we can miss God, if we don’t study our Bible’s appropriately. In missing God, I mean to say, what God has to say or wants us to know.

To make the most out of your bible reading;

1. Pray-read the scriptures when studying and most importantly before reading pray

This opens you up to the spirit of the word and to the very mind of God concerning you. Anytime you do this; you give room to the Spirit of God to shed light on the very words you read. He becomes your teacher and guides you into all truth.

2. The Principle of Meditation

Meditation is perhaps one art that is gradually dying out in Christendom, but it is this very thing that brings us into the reality of the very words we read.

It’s sheds the light of the word directly into our hearts. Where you are pondering over a verse or scripture with a receptive heart, the Holy Spirit takes the written word and applies it as the living word to your inner being.

3. Spend longer times in The Word

The reason why we must endeavor to add to our time of study is that treasures don’t lie at the surface and God Himself enjoys the company of His children and rewards time spent with Him.

Actually, He opens His Word to us progressively so we will need time if we desire to know the whole counsel of God.

4. Make Use Of Bible Resources.

Bible resources here may include; study bibles, concordances, bible references with different bible versions and also sometimes commentaries.

God may sometimes lead you to some of these. He won’t tell you everything; That is for sure! So have some of these around because He wants us to be diligent in studying and searching out His Word.

Always remember this;

It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter (Proverbs 25:2).

God richly bless you for reading and may you meet God anytime you read the word.


12 thoughts on “How To Meet God When You Read Your Bible

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  3. Great article! I love studying the word! I have a greater understanding of God’s love and character from studying. You are so on point about many Christians not studying. If they only realized, as you pointed out, that studying is how we meet and know God intimately.

    Your phrase, “God is not separate from His Word. Whatever He is, the word also is and whatever He can do, the Word also can do” is a truth. For God says His Word will perform what it is purposed to do and will not return back to Him void.”

    Thanks for writing this article and sharing it.😊👣

    Liked by 1 person

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