As the days draw nigh to the December 7th elections in my country, both excitement and a feeling of anxiety fills the air. Well! is quite normal, these are times where a country’s resolve for peace and tranquillity is tested.

Of course, over the last few weeks, the message of peace has been drummed across the whole country sensitizing the nation on the need for peace.

That has been well said, and as citizens we cannot trade anything for our peace; that is non-negotiable. Giving our pearls to swines?? NO WAY!

Barely a day to go now, my message is simple; to all Ghanaians I know you have heard this over and over again but I say again;

Let us seek for the peace of the country we dwell, with all we are and all we have.

Ghana is bigger than any political party, so let us conduct ourselves with all modesty, before, during and after the elections;

We seek a win for Ghana not any political party because when all is said and done, even after we have voted; it is the counsel of the Lord that shall prevail.

God Still Reigns, so PERFECT PEACE is possible.

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