Signing Off For 2021

Hello folks, just wanted to say hi to you all. It has been a wonderful time blogging and going through my blog I couldn’t just stop but marvel at how the Holy Spirit inspires us to write.

For me; it has been a good time blogging for almost 3 years now and I’m happy I took up this course when God laid it on my heart to share His word to the world out there.

I’m glad I heed to this call; though there were some challenges along the way; with some inconsistencies but in all God has been faithful. And I’m getting ready for the next phase God is taking me.

To all my readers and followers I’m grateful for every time you spent to read a post of mine and I trust God you were blessed by one or two.

So in signing off for the year, I want to say a big thank you to WordPress and the whole family I made here.

To the rest of the community here; I would like to say; let the beauty of Jesus and His word shine through your writing, because that is our primary aim.

We write to glorify God and we speak of the things which we have made touching the king. For that is our whole duty.

God richly bless us all and from me and mendelsblog is a bye bye from me.

Love You all❤️

See You Next Year

Bro George

4 thoughts on “Signing Off For 2021

  1. Dear Brother George, I don’t recall when I began following your blog, but have been blessed.
    I took a year away from blogging and everything I blogged was still there when I came back to it, though I had some difficulty remembering things like how to access my account, etc.
    So if you think you might come back to the blogosphere sometime in the future, be sure to write your passwords, account names and any details of how to access it.
    You may want to just blog in every now and then to tell us what Father is leading you to do and be.
    See you in Heaven if not before.
    yours and His,

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    1. Glory to God.
      Thank you very much and I’m truly grateful for your feedback and piece of advice.
      And definitely by God’s Grace, I will be back hopefully next year as the Lord continues to lead us according to His perfect will.

      God bless you c.a.


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