Emotions, Affections, Your Will And The Will of God (Part 1)

I resume blogging with my first post for this year and I’m grateful to God for another opportunity to resume blogging.

To you reading, you are dearly loved and I hope this post blesses you.

I start this post with a quote from the book “Passion and Purity.” In the book Elizabeth Elliot writes;

“As I grew into womanhood and began to learn what was in my heart I saw clearly that of all things difficult to rule none were more so than my will and affections.”

Elizabeth’s post did strike me, because growing up as a Christian I realized this was also a big challenge for me.

Feeling one way in a moment and another way the next wasn’t unusual, and ultimately, I started paying attention to my emotions when I realized how difficult it was for me to submit to the Lord in the matter of love.

Deciphering between what was a legitimate and an illegitimate feeling became a problem and saying no to the rush of emotional infatuation was a challenge and I fell victim so many times. This is how God began to teach me and I’m still in class.

Yet we must not think that our lives should be void of emotion but when we are tested “will we be counted of them who draw back unto perdition or of them that believe to the saving of the soul??”

God Help Us!!

To be continued….

2 thoughts on “Emotions, Affections, Your Will And The Will of God (Part 1)

  1. One of my favorite illustrations for growing in faith is the old Campus Crusades’ poster of a train with an engine of Facts, a passenger car of Faith, and a caboose of Feelings. The fact of Jesus death, resurrection and intercession for us is what our faith follows. Sometimes feelings follow as well, but if they get disconnected, we must keep our faith attached to the facts.
    ❤️&🙏, dear brother, c.a.

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