Emotions, Affections, Your Will And The Will of God (Part 3)

Welcome to the last part of this blog series. I’m glad you made it this far and I hope today’s post blesses you the more.

So far along this series, we have tried to demystify the role of our emotions in our walk as believers in the Lord by establishing that our desires, feelings and affections represent the core of our emotions which we must pay attention to.

So in today’s post we want to climax our series by discussing how to curb our emotions and understand how the will of God comes into play in all this.

In the Bible, we see how men and women who were loved and mightily used of God manifested their emotions. And for some, let me be bold to write that their emotions had the better of them.

For instance, we learn of Samson, whose affections and desire for foreign women got the better of him. We also learn of Moses whose anger eventually robbed him of the promise of inheritance. Of David, whose emotions culminated in the death of an innocent man and still of Solomon who ended up in the worship of idols aside the One true God because he desired many other foreign wives.

And of Cain, whose envy and jealousy led him to kill his own brother and still of Amnon whose emotion led him to defile his own sister. Of Simeon and Levi whose uncontrolled anger and unforgiveness led them to destroy a people of innocent blood.

And still of Essau, who because of his desire for food despised his birthright. We can go on and on and on but in this, we learn that even in the best of men is still a place where God needs to reign.

And still for many of us, our feelings may have gotten the better of us. Oh! Only if we would understand that in this life of faith we ought not to rely on our feelings.

Get Me right! While I’m not advocating a life of no emotion since that would be unnatural, I’m advocating a diligent watch over them so we don’t fall off the mark as some of our forunners did in their pursuit of God and walk as strangers and pilgrims in this world.

The scripture says “But whatsoever things were written aforetime were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope” (Romans 15:4 KJV).

Perhaps, one reason why mighty men of old in the New Testament were more successful in their spiritual and emotional well-being was because of the coming of the Holy Spirit to indwell them.

Something we also have today, If the best of men in the old testament, even those used of God were not guaranteed of an abiding presence of the Holy Spirit but we are, then we ought to be better stewards of our emotional wellbeing through the power of the Holy Spirit.

And as I end, as simple as it may seem, I found out that consciously talking with the Holy Spirit about your struggle in prayer is a sure way to win the struggle over your emotions. It may take time but as you do this and exercise your will day by day and minute by minute in obeying whatever He leads and teaches you to do. Then will you be prosperous and have good success.

SO FINALLY! We have come to the end. God richly bless you all for staying throughout this whole series and I hope were blessed.

Kindly share whatever you learnt throughout the whole series; would love to hear??

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