A Letter To The Younger Generation

Dear brother/sister,

I write to you this letter, as a matter of urgency and concern that concerning sexual purity brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant.

More than ever, sexual purity has been trivialized and something that God so cherishes has being twisted and the sanity and sanctity of sex is being thrown out of the window and it is sad to write that even Christians are victims.

However one may argue that in this day and age where sensuality and sexuality shout at us from every corner, it has become literally difficult for anyone to claim absolute innocence. But how true is this??

Well, my experience with pursuing purity, taught me that no one is really safe because the nature of this battle grips the mind so even as a Christian you need to set some safeguards, if you really want to pursue purity of the mind and heart lest at anytime you fall away.

Don’t mind that I am writing to you in the past, purity is a constant pursuit and this is something we must all learn. And so, it is in this one area that I have been constantly tested and fought at many angles and as for the enemy he continues to fight purity with all he has, perhaps because it carries great testimony of who we have become in Christ and we must not stand aloof.

Because while all will be tested, the one who has decided to serve God will be tested the more and so it is our duty to take responsibility for our own purity, not forgetting that there is also a major role for the ministry of the word and of prayer.

To be continued………

From your fellow brother, George.

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