Resting In His Promises

Today’s post, is a reflection of a post I did in 2019, about resting in God and the fact that God orders our steps. Although we may not be ignorant of this, many a time the believer can still be caught in a web of unrest despite the awesome promises of God in His word.

This experience is often true for everyone either now or at some point in life and surprisingly, even after reading or writing a post like this, we can go back and find out that we are all worried up again. 

So how do we break this cycle of unrest ? The Bible mentions a rest for the people of God, yet while it is a rest, phrases like; labour (KJV), strive(ESV), make every effort (NIV) etc, are used to admonish us to enter into this rest (Hebrews 4:11). So then, this is what I found out as basic as it may seem, that the believer who neglects bible reading and devotion is not likely to experience God’s rest.

While we know this about bible reading, sometimes it becomes difficult for many. However in this day and age, we must learn that, waiting for the most favourable conditions, we may never accomplish anything. Likewise entering into God’s rest is not without perseverance. 

Thus perseverance in praying and reading our bibles daily must be cultivated because conditions may never be ideal. And so with this knowledge, let us fight off whatever keeps us away from these spiritual disciplines because the longer we stay away the farther we move away from entering into the rest of God where we find true peace and joy. Remember! the scriptures say we should make every effort…

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