My Experience With Prayer – 1 (in the beginning)

Growing up as a child, I knew so little and almost nothing about prayer. From Primary One to Six, I would say my knowledge on prayer was nothing to write home about, and that is understandable because I was quite young and more so because I didn’t really know the Lord.

In those times, personal relationship in prayer with God isn’t something I could celebrate or engage in and I only relied on my parents prayer because my mother was and is still a very prayerful woman, but surprisingly I don’t remember in those tender ages see her pray neither did I see my Dad pray too.

The truth is in those times, I was not even thinking about prayer because it didn’t mean much to me and so even if they did I was busy playing around.

And so there is a time where your experience in prayer is more corporate and public than private because those stages are stages when you need to learn from others and God intentionally exposes you to such environments so you begin to learn. And so when I entered into Junior High School I began to understand and appreciate prayer the more and what it means to even pray.

Obviously, I learnt the definition of prayer at an early stage and I believe most of us did too, in our school curriculum and religious studies, as “the art of communication between man and God”, this definition stood with me for a very long time.

But even then I imagined God only as the Person sitting on the throne just to receive our prayers. And so Sunday school and church services exposed me to the life of prayer the more. Prayers like the Lord’s Prayer, sharing in the words of the Grace, Psalm 23, became prayers I became familiar with.

Ultimately my understanding in prayer started growing when I also started growing and it was influenced largely by my family and especially the church who taught us how to pray. And so my first experience with prayer taught me that if you really want to learn how to pray go to where people pray and you will come out as one of them either gradually or over a period of time.

However, I could not become a child forever, no one would anyway, so I started to grow in prayer and by the time I completed Junior High, I could now pray more personally but even that it was usually in the mist of a group not myself finding alone times to spend in prayer.

But entering into the Senior High all that changed and ultimately prayer opened up the more to me, especially when I became a prayer Secetary to a Christian denomination. At that time I had really learnt how to pray. But then came challenges and struggles I never knew come with prayer and O! Boy, those were difficult times.

That is when I began to know that the more we pray the more open we become to the spirit realm and from there you had to learn a lot before progressing in your prayer life. Because you will experience hurdles that need to be overcome, these include circumstances, your own flesh, and the enemy also comes in with his own strategies.

To be continued…….

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