If God Were To Go On A Vacation

Could we actually imagine a time where the Almighty God could take a break and exit the affairs of this life for a period.

Perhaps like the movie “Bruce Almighty.” Actually, this could never happen, because even in His “vacation,” He still remains God and is supreme over all things. Such was the case in this said movie.

But let’s imagine this was the case. How were we going to survive and keep on hearing from the Lord.

I remember there were times in the Bible where scripture records the word of the Lord being rare, such that there were no open visions (1 Samuel 3:1).We also heard of dark ages in church history where the word of the Lord and the gospel was literally lost.

These two instances all teach us that where the word of the Lord starts to be compromised, then we could be right to use the paradox “God going on a vacation.”

But even in these times God still is and assures that, if we would seek Him with all of our hearts we will find Him (Deuteronomy 4:29).

It is however sad that many people are looking for God and His power in the wrong place and believing and trusting in God’s word is dying out.

But let’s not forget; that all God represents, His personality, character and power, His Word fully expresses such that you cannot separate God from His word.

And so even if “God we’re to go on a vacation” we could still trust the integrity of His word to tell us all that He would have told us.

Beloved, this is how best I could describe to us, the magnificence and greatness of the bible we possess today. Only if we would believe and give attention to it, will we see the glory of God.

The Lord bless us all.

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