Guest Post: A Message For Easter

Today’s post is a guest post from a brother in the Faith and a teacher of the word and I hope this message blesses you. The Grace of our Lord Jesus be with us and A Happy Easter to us all.

Our redemption was predestined by God the Father; made manifest by God the Son and applied to us by God the Holy Spirit and will be consumed or culminated by the Truine God.

After we have been justified; our journey to the celestial city began. However, that journey was not meant to be without disruptions, satanic oppositionssometimes even to the point of nearly falling away from the faith.

But at last, having been granted the eternal seal of the Holy Spirit, to denote that God’s signatory gift of salvation is irrevocable; and having been interceded and advocated for; so that sin does not hold us ransom and severed us from heaven, we shall finally reach the celestial city —our destination.

What a wearied and laborious journey that is—but all glory to GRACE, we shall have everlasting rest thereafter. This indeed is the glorious beauty of the gospel that angels and all the host of heaven will celebrate forever.

And though sometimes our feelings may get disconnected let us keep our faith attached to the fact of Jesus’s death and resurrection because this is the anchor that keeps the soul.


Credit: Desmond Adjaison


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